October 2021 · NextGEN

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The NextGEN web portal, an online collaborative global ecosystem of maritime transport decarbonisation initiatives, has been launched by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). NextGEN -which can be found at nextgen.imo.org– brings stakeholders together to identify the gaps and opportunities for decarbonisation in the international shipping community. The portal has been developed to serve as a circle of collaboration and a single portal to bring different stakeholders involved in maritime decarbonisation projects. These include ports, governments, companies and research institutes, to share knowledge on low and zero carbon fuels.
The NextGEN portal aims to encourage information-sharing, create critical networks and opportunities for collaboration, and facilitate capacity-building. By showcasing the universe of maritime decarbonisation projects on a single platform, the NextGEN portal will serve as a focal point and reference tool for public and private stakeholders.

The NextGEN portal was launched during the IMO-United Nations Environment Programme event held from 27th to 29th September.   The three-day online global platform aims to champion innovation to accelerate the maritime sector's transition to a zero and low emission future.  The forum is providing a platform for sharing and transferring knowledge associated with the shipping industry's transition to decarbonisation. The focus for the forum is on developing countries, in order to include their shipping communities in this collective challenge.